Going the extra mile or ten

Performance isn’t just doing your job, or even doing it well. Performance is the thrill of surprising yourself with how much you can put into every task. Every time. No matter what your line of work, it is possible to take your performance to the next level.

Contrary to what people think, performing at your best is not about pushing yourself to do more. It’s about pulling everything from your endless reserves of energy and ability, and making it work.

Want to


Getting the best performance from your investment also requires knowledge, discipline, staying power and a focus on results. Even a seemingly ordinary investment can outperform more promising ventures. How? It has a lot to do with the investor.

Often, we work on the investor before we discuss investment. Successful investors invariably get more out of their investment than others. Reason? They let their investments mature for longer, resisting pressures by positive or negative market conditions. Average investors can be prone to panic buying or selling, thereby exposing themselves to greater risks.

How would you like to perform in life? Like a champion or part of the crowd? Would you like your investments to bring in handsome returns? We’d love to show you the way.

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Investor by accident, millionaire by choice

Starting as a chef in a small restaurant a little over 10 years ago, today I am a successful real estate investor with a portfolio of 10 investment properties. But that's not why you should connect with me.

Each journey needs its own roadmap

Our choices make us

I find it fascinating to study people, there are so many types of them around. Isn’t it interesting to see how people who go to the same school, live in the same neighbourhood and even receive the same tertiary education, yet end up with totally different journeys in the long run?


Jack Talk

We are here to help you make money, but in the process, we’ll also help you create a life that is fulfilling, rewarding and packed with motivation and positivity. We’ll help you invest in real estate as well as yourself. After all, it will always remain your biggest asset.