Our choices make us

I find it fascinating to study people, there are so many types of them around. Isn’t it interesting to see how people who go to the same school, live in the same neighbourhood and even receive the same tertiary education, yet end up with totally different journeys in the long run?

Rich people, poor people, struggling-to-become-rich people, rich yet not so happy people. We have them all around us.

Want to


What makes some people grow and flourish more than others? Is a progressive attitude a gift by nature or can we change the course of our life ourselves? To what extent can we improve ourselves?

The question is - to what extent do you need to improve?

We can change things completely – our thinking, actions, approach, beliefs …you name it. All we need is the right attitude, expert training and right motivation. Where we want to reach plays a big role in determining our ability to handle the journey. If the destination has enough pull, we don’t need to push ourselves too much.

We are looking for people who want to change their lives and are prepared to give what it takes.
If you wish to become financially free, create wealth as well as a healthy, holistic lifestyle, we are the people you need to connect with. Would you like to become the best version of yourself?
We’d love to show you the way.

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Going the extra mile or ten



Investor by accident, millionaire by choice

Starting as a chef in a small restaurant a little over 10 years ago, today I am a successful real estate investor with a portfolio of 10 investment properties. But that's not why you should connect with me.



Each journey needs its own roadmap

Planning for anything is easy if you just want to follow the beaten path. The problem with following is that you end up achieving goals set for you by others. We all deserve to be in charge of our goals and dreams, and understand that we need to learn before we start earning.

Jack Talk

We are here to help you make money, but in the process, we’ll also help you create a life that is fulfilling, rewarding and packed with motivation and positivity. We’ll help you invest in real estate as well as yourself. After all, it will always remain your biggest asset.